About us

Inspired by the great value of small details, it is no coincidence that MATILDA has a woman's name. The brand's jewelry is created for the woman who values ​​modern simplicity and purposeful, intentional design.
MATILDA was founded in 2012 by us, two sisters Joana and Margarida and our Mother, Helena.

Born and raised in Portugal, it continues to be designed and produced in a mostly local way, promoting a regional and sustainable economy.

Although MATILDA is not the name of any of us, the name of the brand reflects its essence: feminine, delicate and romantic. The jewels that are not exuberant, have an impact precisely because of their simplicity: produced in 925 silver and bathed in 24k gold, the raw material is part of the secret of MATILDA jewels. Precious metals are special, can be reused, recycled and never lose their value - making jewelry distinctive pieces that are not disposable.

Our community is our source of inspiration. It is our focus and therefore the most important ingredient.

We privilege excellent customer service and always try to exceed expectations, with attention to detail in each order - so that each MATILDA jewel is truly a gift, without the need for a special occasion.
We celebrated our tenth anniversary with the brand's re-branding: the birth of a new visual identity, maintaining the MATILDA ethos, reinforcing the brand's values ​​through its image, its communication.

It refers to the more classic aspect, but also so that you can always feel the personal touch in everything we do. In other words, we want to give more life to MATILDA jewels themselves - classic yet modern, sophisticated and simultaneously delicate, discreet but with personality.

In the essence of MATILDA there is, for that very reason, this commitment to bet on the durability of the jewels and on the possibility of being passed down from generation to generation, representing the different stages of the history of each person and, ultimately, of each family. After all, jewelry is always more than a piece of jewelry. They are often a gift for a mother or a special friend, a marriage proposal, a Christmas present for someone dear.

They are pieces to which a value is conferred and which show the appreciation and esteem that the person to whom we offer them has for us.

We believe that jewels are like an expression of ourselves: that they can mean whatever we want, we can celebrate life with them, offer them to ourselves, keeping them forever.