Jewellery care

All MATILDA jewelry is silver or gold-plated silver. Silver is a tarnish-resistant material (it can be cleaned), however it is more delicate and malleable compared to other more common materials. With this in mind, below are some precautions you should take with your silver jewelry.

Gently handle your pieces, with delicacy and smoothness. Silver is a noble and hypoallergenic metal, but also delicate and slightly malleable.

Avoid contact with personal hygiene products, products containing alcohol (eg perfumes) and chemical products that could damage it. When using cosmetics and perfumes, wait a few minutes before putting on the garment.

Do not store your MATILDA garments together with other garments that tend to darken. For this you can use the original packaging of the piece.

Remove the parts when exercising and bathing. We also advise you not to sleep with your jewelry on.

Remove your jewelry (mainly rings) when applying disinfectant alcohol or when using rubber/latex gloves that could damage the gold bath.

The gold plating of silver jewelry does not last forever. For this reason these jewels require more care. The speed with which the gold bath fades depends on many factors, namely the use of cosmetics (the alcohol present in its composition eliminates the gold bath), the level of body sweating or even the PH of the skin. If you want your MATILDA jewel to keep its original color for a longer time, we suggest that you follow the precautions mentioned above or that you purchase silver pieces without gold plating.

Certification and Contrasting

All pieces are silver and have the applicable indication, unless otherwise stated.

Activity title T0799 from Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda .

MATILDA pieces are made mainly through manual processes, with quality raw materials and subject to quality control.

In its manufacture, 925 silver or 925 silver with gold plating is used with the jewels, therefore, the respective hallmark when applicable. More information here .

All jewelry is either 925 sterling silver or 925 gold-plated sterling silver unless indicated on its respective product page.

Find information on the daily price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium at Banco de Portugal .

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19.2k Gold Jewelry

We make our models in 19.2k Gold to order.

If you are interested, please contact us in order to obtain a quote and production times.