Ring size guide

Various sizes of rings are available in the MATILDA online shop.

How to know your ring size?

1. Measure the inside of the ring (do not measure the edges of the ring) and make sure you are measuring exactly in the middle of the ring.

2. Place a measuring tape around your finger and measure the perimeter of your finger (in millimeters) without leaving any slack.

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Size Perimeter Diameter
4 44mm 14.2mm
6 46mm 14.6mm
8 48mm 15.3mm
10 50mm 15.7mm
12 53mm 16.6mm
14 56mm 17.3mm
16 58mm 18.2mm
18 61mm 19.1mm

These measurements correspond, respectively, to the perimeter and diameter of the inside of the ring (and not to the outside size of the ring).